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Just before she retired from the Department of Human Services aftr a 29-year career, Patty Cooper sent an email out to DHS staff, outlining her concerns over the foster child care "crisis" she sees in Oregon.

(KPTV)The following is the full text of the email sent to Department of Human Services staff by Patty Cooper, who recently retired from her position as the Supervisor of Beaverton Adolescent Unit after a 29-year career with the DHS, outlining her concerns over the foster care "crisis" she sees in Oregon.

She represents one of dozens of victims of child sex trafficking in Clark County, a crime believed to be rampant in Portland but one that’s only gained attention here in the past few years.

Just 13 when she met him at a party in Vancouver, Jennifer was attracted to his charisma, good looks and sense of style. She first told him no, but he threatened to kill her and her family if she didn’t comply.

He was older — 18 or 19 — which made it all the more exciting, she recalled. So she reluctantly agreed and entered a world of prostitution, cocaine and strip clubs.

by Catherine Morris At Portland Community College (PCC), administrators and faculty are looking for ways to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable students on campus, including students who have previously been in the foster care system.

College assistance programs for former foster youth, or foster alumni, vary state by state.