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Online sexual activity can involve various activities, such as viewing explicitly sexual materials, participating in an exchange of ideas about sex, exchanging sexual messages, and online interactions with at least one other person with the intention of becoming sexually aroused.

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The wording of this notecard, as reported in the Herald, includes the line “Linden Lab chooses not to allow the advertising or promotion of age play or related activities in any public forum — including in-world textures, classified ads, the Second Life forums, or parcel descriptions.” As a result of this rather vague sentence, many people who had child avatars, even those who did not use their avatars for sexual purposes, decided it was a good time for their avatars to grow up and thus ended their SL fling with a second childhood.

One major aspect of this story that was largely overlooked, however, is the segment of the Second Life population that does not think that “ageplay” has to mean “sex.” Second Life children are alive and well, despite the seeming ban on all things involving “ageplay.” A trip to B&R Family Services, Clinic, Foster Home, and Playground (Sunset Beach 105, 206, 23) will usually allow a visitor to find many Second Life children.

There is no recognized etiology for infantilism and little research on the subject.

It has been linked to masochism and a variety of other paraphilias.

“The defense argued that the law infringed on the right to freedom of speech because some internet users engage in the sexual fantasy of ‘ageplay,’ where one or more participants in a sexually-oriented conversation falsely represent themselves to be under-aged children.” Grant said the state responded by citing numerous cases that held that these portions of the law are not related to free speech.

He then granted the defendant’s motion for dismissal and threw out the indictment.

In the case before the court, Daniel Paquette, age 35 of Kingwood, arranged to meet a 14 year old girl he contacted through Craigslist. Paquette offered the 14 year old money for sex and then traveled to Porter to meet at an apartment in Montgomery County.

In one study of AB/DL website participants, 93% of the sample was male (excluding transgender individuals).

58% of the men and 34% of the women were heterosexual.